Cindy Lemons has lived in Central Oklahoma since childhood.  She has been nursing 28 years and 26 as an LPN in close relationship with her patients and their healthcare which she has always grown very close to many as her family members.

     With such increase in medical problems in our society and a very special family member that has severe health problems she had decided to further her knowledge in a more holistic approach.  Still licensed in nursing she has studied Reflexology through Reflexology Certification Board and now has her Master Reflexology Certification (MR) and is now hoping to assist patients with a more natural approach to their health.

    Every part of your feet corresponds to an area of the body and when blockages are present they inhibit the positive energy flow and with proper stimulation it creates positive energy channels which are then able to promote healing and a feeling of homeostasis.  Reflexology is regarded as equivalent to a full body massage to relieve pain and stress build-up.  She is looking forward to working in her new field assisting patients in a healthier less stressed and relaxed aspect of life.

     Cindy enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family and her grandchildren which are the highlight of her life.


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